1. Do I have to join MDVIP in order to be seen by Dr. Striegel?

Yes, all of our patients are members of MDVIP.

2. What benefits do I get by joining MDVIP?

As part of your membership with MDVIP you can expect personalized care and greater access

to your physician. All appointments are at least 30 minutes long with little to no wait time. It also

includes a two part, two hour physical each year with extensive lab work sent to Cleveland Clinic, EKG,

ABI (Ankle Brachial Index), Hearing, Vision, and other health screenings.

All patients have Dr. Striegel’s cell phone number to call or text with after hour questions or

concerns, we do ask you contact the office during business hours. Dr. Striegel also treats his patients

while in the hospital and will make house calls to those with mobility issues.

3. How much does MDVIP cost?

For our practice it is $1,800.00 per year. That payment can be broken down annually,

quarterly or monthly.

4. Will my insurance cover this payment?

No, Insurance will not cover the cost of MDVIP. You can count it as a medical expense for the

year and some corporate wellness plans will reimburse for the expense but for the majority of our

patients this is an out of pocket expense.

5. Where does my insurance come in?

Your MDVIP fee is covering the above mentioned services everything outside of the physical is

billed to insurance. For example if you are sick or having routine lab work for a chronic condition your

insurance will be billed and co-pays and deductible will apply.